§8-11-1b. Additional costs in certain criminal proceedings.

In each criminal case before a mayor or in the municipal court of a municipality in which the defendant is convicted, whether by plea or at trial, under the provisions of a municipal ordinance which has the same elements as an offense described in section two, article five, chapter seventeen-c of this code or section eighteen-b, article seven, chapter twenty of this code, there shall be imposed, in addition to other costs, fines, forfeitures or penalties as may be allowed by law, costs in the amount of $55. The clerk of each municipal court, or other person designated to receive fines and costs, shall, for purposes of further defraying the cost to the municipality of enforcing the provisions of the ordinance or ordinances described in this section and related provisions, deposit these moneys in the General Revenue Fund of the municipality. The provisions of this section shall be effective after June 30, 2004.

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