§8-12-16b. Special litter prevention officers.

(a) A municipality that has adopted an anti-littering ordinance pursuant to section five of this article may provide, by ordinance, for the appointment of special litter prevention officers to aid in the enforcement of the municipal anti-littering ordinance.

(b) The ordinance enacted, pursuant to this section, must specify the duties to be performed by the special litter prevention officers and the required training such officers must undertake prior to commencement of their duties.

(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, a special litter prevention officer may be presently employed by the municipality in another capacity. In the performance of the duties of special litter prevention officer, such officers shall be vested with the power to issue a citation, issue a summons, and sign a complaint. Such officers shall display at all times a badge or other sign of authority issued by the municipality.

(d) The governing body of the municipality may require such special litter prevention officers to give bond, payable to the municipality, in its corporate name, with such sureties and such penalties as the governing body may see fit, conditioned for the faithful performance of their duties.

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