§8-12-5f. Regulation of taxicabs and taxi stands.

(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of article two, chapter twenty-four-a of this code, the governing body of a Class I or Class II municipality that includes a land grant university enrolling at least twenty thousand students may, by ordinance, regulate taxicabs and taxi stands within the corporate limits of the municipality.

(b) The regulations shall be limited to the following:

(1) Requirements for the condition of the taxicabs;

(2) The location of taxi stands;

(3) Background checks for taxi drivers;

(4) Drug testing for taxi drivers;

(5) Violations of regulations adopted pursuant to this section for which citations may be issued and penalties imposed;

(6) The requirement that a taxicab company place a sign, visible to passengers, in the taxicab which contains contact information which passengers may use to make complaints about the taxicab company or its taxi drivers. The municipality may assist passengers in resolving complaints, and shall forward complaints to the public service commission in the event that further action is needed; and

(7) Requirements for safety inspections of the taxicabs.

(8) Requirements to improve reliability of service.

(c) This section is not intended to increase the number of operators or owners of taxicabs and taxi stands.

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