§8-13A-14. Modification of included area; notice; hearing.

(a) The ordinance creating a business improvement district may be amended to include additional property if a petition is filed with the governing body requesting such inclusion. Such petition must be signed by the owners of the commercial property that is being proposed for inclusion in the improvement district. Such property must have an assessed value, as reflected on the assessor's land books, of not less than fifty-one percent of the value of all the property proposed for inclusion.

(b) Upon receipt of the petition, the governing body shall refer the petition to the appropriate district board for which the amendment is sought. The board shall review the petition and, within sixty days, file a report with the governing body recommending either acceptance of the proposed inclusion or rejection of the petition. Additional property may not be included unless it is contiguous with the existing district and situated within the boundaries of the municipality.

(c) Upon receipt of the recommendation from the district board, the governing body shall designate a time and place for a public hearing upon the petition to include additional property. The notice shall meet the requirements set forth in section eight of this article.

(d) At the time and place set forth in the notice, the governing body shall afford the opportunity to be heard to any owners of real property either currently included in or proposed to be added to the existing improvement district and to any other residents of the municipality. The hearing shall be held within sixty days after the governing body's receipt of the district board's recommendation.

(e) All additional property included in a district shall be subject to all fees whether currently existing or thereafter levied.