§8-13A-5. Services.

Any municipality which has established a business improvement district under this article may provide or cause to be provided such services as will restore or promote the economic vitality of the district and the general welfare of the municipality, including, but not limited to, the following:

(a) Beautification of the district, by means such as landscaping and construction and erection of fountains, shelters, benches, sculptures, signs, lighting, decorations and similar amenities;

(b) Provision of special or additional public services, such as sanitation, security for persons and property and the construction and maintenance of public facilities including sidewalks and other public areas;

(c) Making principal or interest payments on bonds issued by the municipality for public improvements located within and designated to improve the economic viability of the district;

(d) Providing financial support for public transportation and vehicle parking facilities open to the general public;

(e) Constructing, operating and maintaining parking facilities;

(f) Developing plans for the general architectural design of public areas and developing plans and programs for the future development of the district;

(g) Developing, promoting and supporting community events and activities open to the general public;

(h) Providing the administrative costs for a district management program; and

(i) Providing any other services which the municipality or district board is authorized to perform and which the municipality does not also perform to the same extent on a municipality-wide basis.

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