§8-13A-7. Appointment of planning committee, issuance of report.

(a) Upon receipt of a petition for the initiation of a business improvement district, the governing body of the municipality shall, within ninety days, appoint a district planning committee consisting of seven members. A majority of the members shall be owners of commercial property situated within the proposed district of the municipality. The committee shall study and develop preliminary plans for the establishment and operation of the proposed district and shall consult with the appropriate officials and agencies of the municipality prior to completing such preliminary plans. Upon completion of the study and development of preliminary plans and, in no event, later than two hundred seventy-five days after its establishment, the committee shall submit to the governing body a written report which:

(1) Describes the boundaries of the proposed district with sufficient specificity to enable the owner of any commercial property in the municipality to determine whether his or her property is located therein. The area proposed for any district must be contiguous with and situated fully within the boundaries of the municipality;

(2) A description of any additional or extended services needed within the district;

(3) A description of the proposed method of financing any planned improvements, including the maximum rate of annual fees that may be imposed upon properties within the proposed district and the manner in which the rate will be imposed. The amount of annual fees may be based upon gross leasable square footage, street front-footage, total gross building or land square footage, or any combination thereof, or on such basis as can reasonably be determined based upon the value of the improvements to the commercial property situated in the district and upon whatever benefits exist relative to the various owners of property situated therein. For the purpose of levying fees, the committee shall make a reasonable classification of all properties within the proposed district;

(4) A recommendation concerning the feasibility and desirability of the proposed business improvement district and any alternative proposal, in the event the committee's recommendation is not in accordance with the original petition: Provided, That, in the event the boundaries of the proposed business improvement district recommended by the committee differs from the boundaries contained in the original petition, the report must also contain an additional petition signed by at least four persons who own commercial property in the proposed business improvement district recommended by the committee. Such commercial property must have an assessed value as reflected on the county assessor's land books of not less than fifty-one percent of the value of all commercial property in the proposed business improvement district;

(5) Such other information as may be requested by the governing body. The municipality may provide staff and technical assistance to the committee.

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