§8-13A-9. Creation of district; statement of prohibition on use of fees.

(a) If the governing body of the municipality, following the public hearing, determines it advisable and in the public interest to establish an improvement district, it shall create the district by ordinance as provided for in article eleven of this chapter: Provided, That the governing body may not amend, alter or change in any manner the boundaries of the improvement district as recommended by the planning committee. In addition to all other requirements, the ordinance shall contain the following:

(1) The name of the district and a description of its boundaries;

(2) A summary of any proposed services to be provided within the district and a reasonable estimate of any attendant cost;

(3) The maximum rate of any annual fees that may be imposed upon the commercial properties and the manner in which the rate will be imposed; and

(4) The district boardmembers' terms, their method of appointment and a full description of their powers and duties.

(b) The ordinance shall also state the general intention of the municipality to increase services within the business improvement district and that no fees collected under the authority of the ordinance may be used to reduce, replace or supplant existing funds or services.

§8-13A-9. Creation of district; statement of prohibition on use of fees.

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