§8-18-17. Payment of assessments or installments; release.

Payments of any assessments or installments thereof may be made to the treasurer of the municipality or the holder of the assessment certificates. If payment is made to the treasurer he shall require all interest to be paid which is owed up to the time of payment, and notify the holder of the certificate, if informed of the holder's address, that he has received such payment, and make payment to the holder on presentation for cancellation of the certificate representing such payment. If payment is made to the holder of the certificate, the holder shall deliver to the payor certificates marked "paid" representing the payments made of principal and interest. On presentation to the treasurer for cancellation of all certificates of principal and interest for the whole assessment made against a specific piece of property assessed, the treasurer shall on request execute and deliver a release of the lien of such assessment.

Bill History For §8-18-17

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2
1968 Regular Session
Senate Bill 24