§8-18-5. Report on completion; notice to abutting owners of assessments; hearings; correcting and laying assessments.

When the improvement of such street, alley, public way or easement, or sewer right-of-way or easement, has been completed, the governing body shall cause the engineer, or other person charged by the governing body with the supervision of the work of improvement, to make a report showing the several frontages abutting thereon, the total cost, the respective amounts chargeable upon each lot or parcel of land assessed abutting thereon and the proper amounts to be assessed against the respective abutting lots or parcels of land as provided herein, with a description of the abutting lots and parcels of land as to ownership, frontage and location. The governing body shall thereupon give notice to the owners of the property to be assessed that on or after a date named in said notice an assessment may be laid against the property so improved as embodied in said report. Said notice shall state that the owner or owners whose property is to be assessed, or other interested party, may on said date appear before the governing body to move the revision or correction of such proposed assessment. Such notice shall be published as a Class II legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code, and the publication area for such publication shall be the municipality. Said notice shall show the total cost of the improvement, the several frontages abutting thereon and the respective amounts to be assessed against the abutting property, with a description of the respective abutting lots and parcels of land as to ownership, frontage and location. On or after the date so advertised, the governing body may revise, amend, correct and verify the report and proceed by ordinance or resolution to lay the assessments as corrected and verified.

Bill History For §8-18-5

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2
1968 Regular Session
Senate Bill 24