§8-19-14. Bonds for additions, betterments and improvements.

Whenever any municipality or county commission shall now or hereafter own and operate a waterworks or electric power system, whether acquired, constructed, established, extended or equipped under the provisions of this article or not, and shall desire to construct additions, betterments or improvements thereto, it may issue revenue bonds under the provisions of this article to pay for the same, and the procedure therefor, including the fixing of rates or charges and the computation of the amount thereof, and the power and authority in connection therewith, shall be the same as in this article provided for the issuance of bonds for the acquisition, construction, establishment, extension or equipment of a waterworks system or electric power system in a municipality or county which has not heretofore owned and operated a waterworks or electric power system: Provided, That nothing in this article shall be construed as authorizing any municipality or county commission to impair or commit a breach of the obligation of any valid lien or contract created or entered into by it, the intention being to authorize the pledging, setting aside and segregation of such revenues for the construction of such additions, betterments or improvements only where and to the extent consistent with outstanding obligations of such municipality or county commission, and in accordance with the provisions of this article.

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1990 Regular Session
House Bill 4084
1978 Regular Session
House Bill 1087
1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2