§8-20-2. Right of eminent domain; limitations.

For the purpose of acquiring, constructing, establishing or extending any system within a combined system, or a combined system, or for the purpose of constructing any additions, betterments or improvements to any system within a combined system, or a combined system, or for the purpose of acquiring any property necessary, appropriate, useful, convenient or incidental for or to any system within a combined system, or combined system, under the provisions of this article, the municipality shall have the right of eminent domain as provided in chapter fifty-four of this code: Provided, That such right of eminent domain for the acquisition of a complete privately owned waterworks system may not be exercised without prior approval of the Public Service Commission, and in no event shall any municipality construct, establish or extend beyond the corporate limits of the municipality a municipal waterworks system or a combined system under the provisions of this article to supply service in competition with an existing privately or municipally owned waterworks system or combined system in the municipality or within the proposed extension of the system, unless, except in the case of a stormwater system, a certificate of public convenience and necessity therefor shall have been issued by the Public Service Commission: Provided, however, That the power of eminent domain provided in this section shall not extend to highways, road and drainage easements, and/or stormwater facilities constructed, owned and/or operated by the West Virginia Division of Highways without the express agreement of the commissioner of highways.

Bill History For §8-20-2

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2