§8-20-7. Lien of bondholders.

There shall be and there is hereby created and granted a statutory mortgage lien upon such combined system which shall exist in favor of the holder of bonds hereby authorized to be issued, and each of them, and to and in favor of the holder of the coupons attached to said bonds, and such combined system shall remain subject to such statutory mortgage lien until payment in full of the principal of and interest upon said bonds. However, no lien may attach to any portion of any highways, road or drainage easements or stormwater facilities constructed, owned or operated by the West Virginia Division of Highways.

Any municipality in acquiring an existing waterworks system may provide that payment therefor shall be made by issuing revenue bonds and delivering the same at such prices as may be agreed upon within the limitations prescribed in section five hereof. Any revenue bonds so issued in payment for an existing waterworks system shall for all purposes be regarded as partaking of the nature of and as being secured by a purchase money mortgage upon the property so acquired; and the holders thereof shall have, in addition to any other remedies and rights prescribed by this article, remedies and rights as may now or hereafter exist in law in the case of purchase money mortgages.

Bill History For §8-20-7

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2