§8-21-5. Oath of members; organization of board; secretary; treasurer.

After appointment or election, the members of the board shall qualify by taking and filing with the recorder of the city the oath prescribed by law for public officials, and they shall not be permitted to serve upon said board until they have so qualified. If any member of said board shall fail to so qualify on or before the date upon which he should assume the duties of his office, a vacancy shall exist which shall be filled as provided in section four of this article.

At the first meeting held after the first board has been appointed, as hereinbefore provided, and thereafter on a date to be fixed by ordinance, the members of the board shall organize by electing one of their number president, and another vice president, and by electing a secretary who need not be a member of the board. The secretary shall keep an accurate record of all the fiscal affairs of the board, and shall keep a minute book in which he shall record the proceedings and transactions of each meeting of the board. The secretary shall be paid such compensation for his services as the board shall fix from year to year. The city treasurer shall be ex officio treasurer of said board, and he shall take the oath prescribed by law and shall furnish such bond as may be required by said board.

Bill History For §8-21-5

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2