§8-22A-14. Retirement benefits.

This section describes when adjustment of a member’s accrued benefit to reflect the difference in age, in years and months, between the member’s annuity starting date and the date the member attains normal retirement age shall be made. This age adjustment, when required, shall be made based on the normal form of benefit and shall be the actuarial equivalent of the accrued benefit at the member’s normal retirement age. The member shall receive the age adjusted retirement income in the normal form or in an actuarial equivalent amount in an optional form as provided under this article, subject to reduction if necessary to comply with the maximum benefit limitations of Section 415 of the Internal Revenue Code and §8-22A-10 of this code. The first day of the calendar month following the month of birth shall be used in lieu of any birth date that does not fall on the first day of a calendar month.

Normal retirement. — A member whose annuity starting date is the date the member attains normal retirement age is entitled to his or her accrued benefit without adjustment for age at commencement.

Retirement benefits shall be paid monthly in an amount equal to one twelfth of the retirement income payments elected and at those times established by the board.