§8-25-1. Legislative findings and purposes.

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that as a result of changes in the economy, population shifts, new transportation demands and increasing demands for public services, and as a result of increasing complexity in government programs and added demands on public revenues, there is a need to plan comprehensively for the future development of West Virginia and to provide for the efficient management of limited public revenues for the purpose of promoting the orderly development of the state and harmonizing the development of the state's governmental, social, economic, environmental and physical resources, while maintaining acceptable levels of public services and facilities toward the end of promoting the general health, safety and welfare of all its citizens. The Legislature further finds that the responsibility for planning and development rests with the Governor of the state, as the state's chief planning officer. The Legislature hereby further finds and declares that problems of growth and development so transcend the boundary lines of governmental units that no single unit can plan for the solution of these problems without affecting other units of government; that intergovernmental cooperation on a regional basis is an effective method to approach common planning and development problems and to seek more efficient and economical solutions to common problems of local government; and that assistance of the state is needed to make the most effective use of local, state, federal and private resources and funding in serving the citizens of all the state and of such regions; and the Legislature further finds that any assistance provided by the state for the purpose of this article is for the benefit of all its citizens and for a public purpose.

It is, therefore, the purpose of this article to delegate to the Governor, the responsibility for planning and development in order to (1) achieve the objectives and policies necessary for the orderly growth and development of the state; (2) facilitate intergovernmental cooperation; and (3) designate regions and provide for the creation of regional planning and development councils; all being hereby declared to be public purposes.

Bill History For §8-25-1

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2