§8-25-13. Annual report of regional council.

On or before July thirty-first of each year, each regional council shall prepare an annual report. The regional council shall submit copies of the report to the participating governmental units and to the Governor. The report shall include the following:

(a) A consolidated statement of the regional council's receipts and expenditures by category since the preceding report.

(b) A consolidated, detailed regional council budget for the year in which the report is filed and the following year including an outline of its program for such period.

(c) A description of any comprehensive plan adopted in whole or in part for the region.

(d) Summaries of any studies and development progress and the recommendations resulting therefrom made for the region.

(e) A listing of all applications for federal grants or loans submitted by the governmental units within the region together with the action taken by the regional council in relation thereto.

(f) A listing of plans of local governmental units submitted to the region and actions taken in relation thereto.

(g) Recommendations of the regional council regarding federal and state programs, cooperation, funding and legislative needs.

Bill History For §8-25-13

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2