§8-25-3. Powers and duties of Governor generally.

The Governor, as chief executive officer of the state, shall be responsible for planning and development of the state's governmental, social, health, economic, environmental and physical resources. In executing this responsibility, the Governor shall:

(1) Prepare, revise and update state development plans which shall, at least annually, submit to the Legislature. Such plans shall identify and stress statewide goals, objectives and opportunities, giving appropriate consideration to regional council and local governmental plans; and shall include, but not be limited to, population and economic analysis; appraisals of the state's natural resources; general land use policies; policies for housing and urban development; transportation policies; policies for health services; manpower programs; employment opportunities; education; law enforcement; environmental protection and other programs; projection of needs for public facilities, recreation and open space; and policies for intergovernmental relations and governmental organization: Provided, That once a regional plan is submitted to the Governor by a regional council for his consideration in preparing, revising or updating a state plan, the Governor shall have a period of sixty days from the date such regional plan is received by within which to specify in writing to the regional council his objection or objections to such regional plan, and if no such objection or objections are so specified, then such regional plan shall become a part of the state plan being prepared, revised or updated; and if any such objection or objections are so specified, the regional council shall have a period of sixty days from the date of receipt of such specification within which to modify its regional plan or otherwise respond to such objection or objections, and, thereafter, the Governor shall, in preparing, revising or updating a state plan, give such consideration to such original regional plan, modified regional plan or other response of the regional council, as the case may be, as deems appropriate;

(2) Advise and consult with regional councils and regional and local planning agencies in developing state development plans and studies;

(3) Facilitate the coordination of planning and development activities of all state departments, agencies and institutions; local governments; regional councils; and other public and private agencies within the state;

(4) Review local, areawide and state applications for planning and development assistance;

(5) Review and appraise the progress of state government in achieving the goals and objectives set forth in the state development plans;

(6) Monitor and coordinate the state's participation in federal and state aid programs and be responsible for liaison with the appropriate federal and state agencies; and be responsible for all federal programs which require the designation of responsible state agencies, if no other state agency has heretofore been legally designated;

(7) Assist local governments, regional councils and other public bodies in obtaining federal, state or other available funds and services;

(8) Facilitate state and local capital improvement projects to meet the requirements of industrial and socio-economic development in various governmental units within the state;

(9) Provide professional and technical assistance and make information available to regional councils and local governments within the state; and be responsible for receiving and disseminating information regarding federal grant assistance within the state; and

(10) Apply for and accept advances, grants, contributions and other forms of assistance from the state or federal government or from any private or public agencies or foundations, to carry out the provisions of this article.

Bill History For §8-25-3

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2