§8-26-4. Powers and duties of an interstate regional planning commission.

(a) An interstate regional planning commission may make studies, maps, plans and reports relative to the region and shall recommend procedures and policies to the appropriate authorities, based on physical, social, economic and governmental conditions and trends, to promote the coordinated development of the region and the general health, welfare, convenience and prosperity of the people of the region. Such planning and coordination may reflect the following planning criteria:

(1) Goals, objectives, standards and principles for the development of the region;

(2) The distribution and intensity of general land use and open space;

(3) The general circulation pattern for the region, including land, water and air transportation and communication facilities, and continuing comprehensive transportation planning;

(4) The general location, character and extent of public and private works and facilities which are of area-wide or regional, as distinguished from purely local, concern; and

(5) Long-range programming and financing of capital projects and facilities.

(b) The commission shall:

(1) Review plans and proposals for projects and programs of interstate or regional significance which may be proposed by others;

(2) Review and make recommendations concerning administrative and regulatory measures to implement area-wide or regional plans;

(3) Review and make recommendations concerning effective utilization of such federal and state assistance as may be available on a regional basis or as may have a regional impact;

(4) Collect, analyze and report on statistics and other information concerning traffic, housing, population and social, economic and physical conditions of the region;

(5) Make recommendations to governmental bodies within such region for such actions as are necessary and proper to further the coordinated development of the region; and

(6) Conduct necessary investigations and research and cooperate with other public and private agencies or persons to conduct such investigations and research on planning problems affecting the region.