§8-33-9. Authority to convey or transfer property to commission.

Any municipality or county is hereby empowered and authorized to convey or transfer to a commission which it has created and established either alone or with another governmental body, property of any kind, heretofore acquired by said municipality or county, to carry out the purposes of said commission. When property is conveyed or transferred as aforesaid, the conveying or transferring municipality or county court and the board shall agree in writing at the time the conveyance or transfer is made as to the fair market value of such property. The members of the board appointed by any municipality or county court conveying or transferring property shall not participate in connection with, otherwise than to provide a quorum, or vote on, any motion or resolution by which the board agrees to the fair market value of the property so conveyed or transferred.

Bill History For §8-33-9

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2