§8-38-11. District board; duties.

(a) General. -- The council of a municipality that has been authorized by the Development Office to establish an economic opportunity development district, in accordance with this article, shall provide, by ordinance, for the appointment of a district board to oversee the operations of the district: Provided, That the municipality may, in the ordinance, in lieu of appointing a separate district board, designate itself to act as the district board.

(b) Composition of board. -- If a separate district board is to be appointed, it shall be made up of at least seven members, two of which shall be owners, or representatives of owners, of real property situated in the economic opportunity development district and the other five shall be residents of the municipality within which the district is located.

(c) Annual report. -- The district board, in addition to the duties prescribed by the ordinance creating the district, shall submit an annual report to the municipality and the Development Office containing:

(1) An itemized statement of its receipts and disbursements for the preceding fiscal year;

(2) A description of its activities for the preceding fiscal year;

(3) A recommended program of services to be performed and capital improvements to be made within the district for the coming fiscal year; and

(4) A proposed budget to accomplish its objectives.

(d) Conflict of interest exception. -- Nothing in this article prohibits any member of the district board from also serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit corporation with which the municipality may contract to provide specified services within the district.

(e) Compensation of board members. -- Each member of the district board may receive reasonable compensation for services on the board in the amount determined by the municipality: Provided, That when a district board is not created for the district but the work of the board is done by the municipality, the members shall receive no additional compensation.