§8-39-1. Accessible municipal records; required information.

(a) Beginning on or before December 31, 2020, each municipality may maintain a website that provides the following information accessible to the public without charge:

(1) The title and name of each elected office holder;

(2) The contact information of each elected office holder, including office telephone number, facsimile number, office location, office hours, and mailing address: Provided, That the municipality may withhold contact information from disclosure that it deems necessary to protect their safety, the safety of their coworkers, and the integrity of law-enforcement operations

(3) A secure electronic means of contacting each elected office holder;

(4) A copy of each municipal ordinance in effect;

(5) A copy of the approved meeting minutes; and

(6) A schedule of regular meeting days for each calendar year.

(b) Each municipality shall update the information required pursuant to this section within 30 days of the date the change occurs and provide the updated information to the Office of Technology who shall update the information on the website.

§8-39-1. Accessible municipal records; required information.