§8-6-3. Governing body of municipality to certify annexation; order.

The governing body of such municipality shall enter the results of such election in its minutes, and, when the annexation proposed is adopted, as provided in the immediately preceding section of this article, shall forward a certificate to such effect to the county court of the county wherein the municipality or the major portion of the territory thereof, including the annexed territory, is located; and such court shall thereupon enter an order in substance as follows:

"A certificate of the governing body of the municipality of ............................ was this day filed showing that an annexation has been made, in the manner required by law, to the corporate limits thereof, and that by such annexation the said corporate limits are as follows:

"Beginning at (here recite the boundaries as changed). It is, therefore, ordered that such annexation to said corporate limits be, and the same is hereby approved and confirmed, and the clerk of this court is directed to deliver to the said governing body a certified copy of this order as soon as practicable after the rising of this court."

After the date of such order, the corporate limits of the municipality shall be as set forth therein.

§8-6-3. Governing body of municipality to certify annexation; order.

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1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2