§8-7-2. Procedure to decrease corporate limits.

Five percent or more of the freeholders of a municipality desiring to decrease the corporate limits thereof may file their petition in writing with the governing body thereof, setting forth the change proposed in the metes and bounds of the municipality, and asking that a vote be taken upon the proposed change. Such petition shall be verified and shall be accompanied by an accurate survey map showing the territory which would be eliminated from the corporate limits by the proposed change. The governing body, upon bond in penalty prescribed by the governing body with good and sufficient surety being given by petitioners, and conditioned to pay the costs of such election if a majority of the legal votes cast are against the proposed change in boundary, shall thereupon order a vote of the qualified voters of such municipality to be taken upon the proposed change on a date and at a time and place therein to be named in the order, not less than twenty nor more than thirty days from the date thereof. The governing body shall cause the order to be published, at the cost of the municipality, as a Class II-0 legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code, and the publication area for such publication shall be the municipality. The first publication must be at least fourteen days prior to the date upon which the vote is to be taken. The order so published shall contain an accurate description by metes and bounds of the territory which would be eliminated from the corporate limits by the proposed change, and, if practicable, shall also contain a popular description of such territory.

The election shall be held, superintended and conducted, and the results thereof ascertained, certified, returned and canvassed in the same manner and by the same individuals as elections for municipal officers. The ballots, or ballot labels where voting machines are used, shall have written or printed on them the words:

// For Decrease of Corporate Limits

/ Against Decrease of Corporate Limits

When an election is held in any municipality in accordance with the provisions of this section, another such election relating to the same proposed change or any part thereof shall not be held for a period of one year.

If a majority of all of the legal votes cast within such municipality are in favor of the proposed change, then the governing body shall proceed as specified in the immediately succeeding section of this article.