§8A-2-11. Planning commission's powers and duties.

A planning commission has the following powers and duties:

(1) Exercise general supervision for the administration of the affairs of the commission;

(2) Prescribe rules and regulations pertaining to administration, investigations and hearings: Provided, That the rules and regulations are adopted by the governing body;

(3) Supervise the fiscal affairs and responsibilities of the commission;

(4) With consent from the governing body, hire employees necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the planning commission: Provided, That the governing body sets the salaries;

(5) Keep an accurate and complete record of all planning commission proceedings;

(6) Record and file all bonds and contracts;

(7) Take responsibility for the custody and preservation of all papers and documents of the planning commission;

(8) Make recommendations to the appropriate governing body concerning planning;

(9) Make an annual report to the appropriate governing body concerning the operation of the planning commission and the status of planning within its jurisdiction;

(10) Prepare, publish and distribute reports, ordinances and other material relating to the activities authorized under this article;

(11) Adopt a seal, and certify all official acts;

(12) Invoke any legal, equitable or special remedy for the enforcement of the provisions of this article or any ordinance, rule and regulation or any action taken thereunder;

(13) Prepare and submit an annual budget to the appropriate governing body;

(14) If necessary, establish advisory committees;

(15) Delegate limited powers to a committee composed of one or more members of the commission; and

(16) Contract for special or temporary services and professional counsel with the approval of the governing body. Upon request, a county prosecuting attorney, the county surveyor, the county engineer, or any other county employee may render assistance and service to a planning commission without compensation.

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