§8A-3-3. Authority for planning commission.

(a) A planning commission shall prepare a comprehensive plan for the development of land within its jurisdiction. A planning commission shall then recommend the comprehensive plan to the appropriate governing body for adoption.

(b) A county, multicounty, regional or joint comprehensive plan may include the planning of towns, villages or municipalities to the extent to which, in the planning commission’s judgment, they are related to the planning of the unincorporated territory of the county as a whole: Provided, That the comprehensive plan shall not be considered a comprehensive plan for any town, village or municipality without the consent of the planning commission and/or the governing body of the town, village or municipality.

(c) A comprehensive plan should be coordinated with the plans of the Department of Transportation, insofar as it relates to highways, thoroughfares, trails, and pedestrian ways under the jurisdiction of that planning commission.

(d) A county planning commission may prepare a comprehensive plan for either the entire county or a part of the county.

(e) A multicounty, regional or joint planning commission may prepare a comprehensive plan for land within its jurisdiction.

(f) Counties and municipalities may by written agreement establish a joint airport hazard comprehensive plan for the purpose of satisfying requirements of federal aviation law, protecting the public safety, and preventing hazardous conditions.  The joint written agreement shall set forth the boundaries of the airport overlay district and any requirements that would apply within the district, without the need for the adoption of a full comprehensive plan within a municipality or county.  The joint agreement becomes effective once each entity takes the appropriate steps, including submission to a planning commission and public hearing, for the establishment or modification of a full or comprehensive plan within its jurisdiction.  Any modifications to the written agreement made by one entity must be adopted by the other entity or entities for the agreement to become valid: Provided, That where the provisions of any such agreement result in a diminution in property value to a property owner, the governing authority responsible shall provide just compensation: Provided, however, That any joint written agreement affecting a regional airport shall require the approval of the regional airport’s governing body to be effective.