§8A-7-3. Zoning -- Generally.

(a) A zoning ordinance may cover a county's entire jurisdiction or parts of its jurisdiction.

(b) The different zones created in a zoning ordinance by a governing body do not have to cover or include the same territory, and may overlap.

(c) Overlay districts and special design districts may have specific additional development standards for each permitted, accessory and conditional use.

(d) Each zone will be subject to the same rules, regulations, standards and designations throughout the zone, unless specific provisions are made by the governing body in the zoning ordinance. (e) Essential utilities and equipment are a permitted use in any zoning district.

(f) Several areas of a municipality or county may be classified in a zone even though the areas are not contiguous.

(g) The boundaries of each zone and the designated classifications must be shown on a zoning district map. The boundaries may only be changed after appropriate public hearing and zoning district map changes are adopted by the governing body.

(h) A governing body shall certify the original zoning district map. Subsequent versions of the zoning district map shall be certified and clearly identified with an effective date.

(i) All certified zoning district maps must be filed with the clerk of the applicable governing body, the applicable planning commission and the office of the clerk of the applicable county commission.

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