§9-2-11. Limitation on use of funds.

(a) No funds from the Medicaid program accounts may be used to pay for the performance of an abortion by surgical or chemical means unless:

(1) On the basis of the physician's best clinical judgment, there is:

(i) A medical emergency that so complicates a pregnancy as to necessitate an immediate abortion to avert the death of the mother or for which a delay will create grave peril of irreversible loss of major bodily function or an equivalent injury to the mother: Provided, That an independent physician concurs with the physician's clinical judgment; or

(ii) Clear clinical medical evidence that the fetus has severe congenital defects or terminal disease or is not expected to be delivered; or

(2) The individual is a victim of incest or the individual is a victim of rape when the rape is reported to a law-enforcement agency.

(b) The Legislature intends that the state's Medicaid program not provide coverage for abortion on demand and that abortion services be provided only as expressly provided for in this section.