§9-4C-2. General Medicaid enhancement board.

(a) The general Medicaid enhancement board created by this section is hereby continued in all respects, except as otherwise provided in this section. Current members of the board who represent groups not represented on the board on and after the effective date of this article shall not serve on the board after such date. The Governor shall appoint new members to the board to represent groups not previously represented on the board within thirty days after the effective date of this article.

(b) This board shall consist of members appointed by the Governor, including one representative from each of the following sixteen groups: Audiologists, behavioral health centers, chiropractors, community care centers, independent laboratory services, independent x-ray services, occupational therapists, opticians, optometrists, physical therapists, podiatrists, private duty nurses, psychologists, rehabilitative specialists, respiratory therapists and speech therapists. In addition to the members appointed by the Governor, the secretary, or his or her designee, shall serve as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the board.

(c) After the initial appointment of the board, any appointment to fill a vacancy shall be for the unexpired term only and shall be made in the same manner as the initial appointment. The terms of the lay persons who are members of the board as of March 17, 1994, shall expire on July 1, 1994.

(d) The terms of all members expire on July 1, 1996.

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