§9-4D-4. Eligibility guidelines.

(a) To be eligible to participate in the buy-in program beginning July 1, 2003, an individual shall:

(1) Be a resident of the State of West Virginia;

(2) Have a disability that is defined and determined by the social security administration or the department;

(3) Be at least sixteen years of age but not more than sixty-four years of age;

(4) Be engaged in competitive employment, including self-employment or nontraditional work that results in remuneration at or above minimum wage in an integrated setting;

(5) Have countable resources that do not exceed the resource limit for the supplemental security income program;

(6) Have countable income that does not exceed two hundred fifty percent of the federal poverty level;

(7) Have total countable unearned income, using the social security income program methodology, that does not exceed the federal benefit rate plus the general income exclusion; and

(8) Except as provided in section five of this article, not have countable resources that exceed the resource limits for the federal supplemental security income program.

(b) The secretary shall establish a method of providing notice of the availability of participation in the Medicaid buy-in program. The secretary shall develop all forms and notices necessary to implement the provisions of this article, including forms for application to the program, determination of eligibility and continued participation and notices that advise all eligible buy-in participants of the rights, benefits, obligations and participation requirements of the program, including, but not limited to, notice of fees, premiums, premium adjustments, periodic review, length of time for which benefits may be paid and disqualifying factors.

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