§9-5-11a. Notice of action or claim.

If either the medical assistance recipient or the Department of Health and Human Resources brings an action or claim against a third person, the recipient, his attorney or such department shall, within thirty days of filing the action, give to the other written notice of the action or claim by certified mail. This notice shall contain the name of the third person and the court in which the action is brought. If the Department of Health and Human Resources institutes said action, the notice shall advise the recipient of their right to bring such action in their own name, in which they may include as a part of their claim the sums claimed by such department. Proof of such notice shall be filed in said action subject to the notice and intent procedure as outlined in section eleven of this article. If an action or claim is brought by either the recipient or the Department of Health and Human Resources, the other may, at any time before trial, become a party to the action, or shall consolidate his action or claim with the other if brought independently: Provided, That this consolidation or entry as a party does not delay the proceedings.