§9-5-5. Recipients of cash grants.

Within such limitations as may be imposed by applicable federal laws, rules and regulations, the department of welfare shall make available for public inspection by the thirtieth day of each month a separate alphabetical list of the names and addresses of all persons receiving any class of welfare assistance in the form of cash grants during the preceding month, together with the amounts of such cash grants. This information shall be delivered to the clerk of each county court in the state who shall immediately file the same in his office with respect to persons receiving such cash grants as residents of that county. Such information shall be retained in the files of said clerks of the county courts for a period of two years from the date of receipt thereof. All information other than names, addresses and amounts of such cash grants shall be considered as confidential.

It shall be unlawful, for commercial or political purposes of any nature, for any person or persons, body, association, firm, corporation or other agency to solicit, disclose, receive, make use of, or to authorize, knowingly permit, participate in, or acquiesce in the use of, any lists of names of, or any information concerning, persons applying for or receiving any class of welfare assistance, directly or indirectly derived from the records, papers, files, or communications of the department of welfare or acquired in the course of performance of official duties. The violation of this provision is a misdemeanor, punishable upon conviction, by a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment of not more than six months, or both.

For the protection of applicants and recipients of welfare assistance, the department shall be required to establish reasonable rules and regulations governing the custody, use and preservation of the records, papers, files and communications of the department.

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