§9-6-11. Reporting procedures.

(a) A report of neglect or abuse of an incapacitated adult or facility resident or of an emergency situation involving such an adult shall be made immediately to the department’s adult protective services agency by a method established by the department: Provided, That if the method for reporting is web-based, the Department of Health and Human Resources shall maintain a system for addressing emergency situations that require immediate attention and shall be followed by a written report by the complainant or the receiving agency within 48 hours. The department shall, upon receiving any such report, take such action as may be appropriate and shall maintain a record thereof. The department shall receive telephonic reports on its 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, toll-free number established to receive calls reporting cases of suspected or known adult abuse or neglect.

(b) A copy of any report of abuse, neglect, or emergency situation shall be immediately filed with the following agencies:

(1) The Department of Health and Human Resources;

(2) The appropriate law-enforcement agency and the prosecuting attorney, if necessary; or

(3) In case of a death, to the appropriate medical examiner or coroner’s office.

(c) If the person who is alleged to be abused or neglected is a resident of a nursing home or other residential facility, a copy of the report shall also be filed with the state or regional ombudsman and the administrator of the nursing home or facility.

(d) The department shall omit from such report in the first instance, the name of the person making a report, when requested by such person.

(e) Reports of known or suspected institutional abuse or neglect of an incapacitated adult or facility resident or the existence of an emergency situation in an institution, nursing home, or other residential facility shall be made, received, and investigated in the same manner as other reports provided for in this article. In the case of a report regarding an institution, nursing home, or residential facility, the department shall immediately cause an investigation to be conducted.

(f) Upon receipt of a written complaint, the department shall coordinate an investigation pursuant to §9-6-3 of this code and applicable state or federal laws, rules, or regulations.