§9-9-15. Interagency coordination.

The Legislature encourages the development of a system of coordinated services, shared information and streamlined application procedures between the program and the other agencies within the department to implement the provisions of this article. The secretary shall require the coordination of activities between the program and the following agencies:

(a) The child support enforcement division for the purpose of establishing paternity, promoting cooperation in the pursuit of child support, encouraging noncustodial parents to get job search assistance and determining eligibility for cash assistance and support services;

(b) The bureau of public health for the purpose of determining appropriate immunization schedules, delivery systems and verification procedures; and

(c) The bureau of medical services for the purpose of reporting eligibility for medical assistance and transitional benefits.

The secretary may require the coordination of procedures and services with any other agency he or she considers necessary to implement this program: Provided, That all agencies coordinating services with the department shall, when provided with access to department records or information, abide by state and federal confidentiality requirements including the provisions of section twenty of this article.

The secretary shall propose any rules, including emergency rules, necessary for the coordination of various agency activities in the implementation of this section.