§9-9-4. Authorization for program.

(a) The secretary shall conduct the WV works program in accordance with this article and any applicable regulations promulgated by the secretary of the federal department of health and human services in accordance with federal block-grant funding or similar federal funding stream. This program shall expend only the funds appropriated by the Legislature to establish and operate the program or any other funds available to the program; establish administrative due process procedures for reduction or termination proceedings; and implement any other procedures necessary to accomplish the purpose of this article.

(b) The WV works program authorized pursuant to this article does not create an entitlement to that program or any services offered within that program, unless entitlement is created pursuant to a federal law or regulation. The WV works program and each component of that program established by this article or the expansion of any component established pursuant to federal law or regulation is subject to the annual appropriation of funds by the Legislature.

(c) Copies of all rules proposed pursuant to authority granted in this article by the secretary shall be filed with the Legislative Oversight commission on health and human resources accountability established pursuant to article twenty-nine-e, chapter sixteen of this code.