§9-9-7. Work requirements.

(a) Unless otherwise exempted by the provisions of section eight of this article, the West Virginia Works Program shall require that anyone who possesses a high school diploma, or its equivalent, or anyone who is of the age of twenty years or more, to work or attend an educational or training program for at least the minimum number of hours per week required by federal law under the work participation rate requirements for all families in order to receive any form of cash assistance. Participation in any education or training activity, as defined in section three of this article, shall be counted toward satisfaction of the work requirement imposed by this section to the extent permissible under federal law and regulation: Provided, That the participant demonstrates adequate progress toward completion of the program. In accordance with federal law or regulation, the work, education and training requirements of this section are waived for any qualifying participant with a child under six years of age if the participant is unable to obtain appropriate and available child care services.

(b) The department and representatives of the Higher Education Policy Commission and the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education shall develop and implement a plan to use and expand the programs available at the state's community and technical colleges, colleges and universities to assist beneficiaries or participants who are enrolled or wish to become enrolled in vocational-educational training not to exceed twelve months with respect to any individual to meet the work requirements of this section. Vocational-educational training shall be supervised daily and on an ongoing basis.