§9A-1-3. Appointment of veterans' council members; term of office; removal.

The term of office of the members of the veterans' council is six years, and members must be appointed by the Governor by and with the advice and consent of the Senate: Provided, That upon the expansion of the council from seven to nine members, the Governor shall initially appoint one new member for a term of four years and shall initially appoint the other new member for a term of six years. Thereafter the successors of these members shall be appointed for the term of six years. In case of a vacancy in the veterans' council, the appointment is for the remainder of the unexpired term. A member of the veterans' council is subject to removal by the Governor for cause, but may have upon his or her own request an open hearing before the Governor on the complaints or charges lodged against him or her. The action of the Governor is final.

Bill History For §9A-1-3

1984 Regular Session
Senate Bill 741