§9A-2-3. Powers of division of veterans' affairs.

The division of veterans' affairs is authorized and empowered to establish rules and regulations providing for the tenure, treatment, eligibility and discharge of eligible veterans at the veterans' home. The rules shall be promulgated to ensure that the division, in carrying out its duties, shall comply with all federal requirements imposed on such a facility. Moreover, notwithstanding any code provisions to the contrary, rules shall be promulgated that: (1) Meet federal standards for domiciliary care; (2) define domiciliary; (3) define admittance to comply with state and federal requirements including current West Virginia resident or enlisted in service from West Virginia, war time service or service during a declared national emergency, Veterans Administration eligibility requirements for per diem, honorably discharged, suffering from a disability due to age, disease or defect that prevents them from earning a living.

Bill History For §9A-2-3

1975 Regular Session
Senate Bill 325
1955 Regular Session
Senate Bill 44