§9A-5-2. Assistance to at-risk veterans; partnerships.

(a) As used in this article, “at-risk veteran” means a person who is currently serving in the armed forces on active duty, reserve status, or in the National Guard, or a person who served on active duty, reserve status, or in the National Guard, or who was discharged, and who may be at risk of suicide owing to a physical or mental health condition that is related to his or her service.

(b) In addition to the duties and powers otherwise provided to the department under this chapter, the department shall develop and implement programs to assist at-risk veterans and their families combat suicide and its contributing factors.

(c) The department may enter into partnerships or agreements with veteran service organizations, government agencies, military organizations, private entities, and mental health providers engaged with their local veteran communities to provide or connect veterans and their families to resources that may be available through any source, including state, federal, or private resources.

(d) The department shall provide for the annual education of its employees on the warning signs of suicide and the resources available to assist in suicide prevention. This education may be accomplished through an employee’s self-review of suicide prevention materials and resources approved by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs.