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Email: Chapter 10, Article 1, Section 14

§10-1-14. Same. -- Powers and duties.

The commission shall give assistance, advice and counsel to all school, state-institutional, free and public libraries, and to all communities in the state which may propose to establish libraries, as to the best means of establishing and administering them, selecting and cataloging books, and other details of library management, and may send any of its members to aid in organizing such libraries or assist in the improvement of those already established.

It may also receive gifts of money, books, or other property which may be used or held for the purpose or purposes given; and may purchase and operate traveling libraries under such conditions and rules as the commission deems necessary to protect the interests of the state and best increase the efficiency of the service it is expected to render the public.

It may purchase suitable books for traveling libraries and distribute them as needed to those persons and places in the state without adequate public library service. It may collect books and other suitable library matter and distribute the same among state institutions desiring the same.

The commission may issue and offer for sale printed material, such as lists and circulars of information, and in the publication thereof may cooperate with other state Library Commissions and libraries, in order to secure the more economical administration of the work for which it was formed. It may conduct courses of library instruction and hold librarians' institutes in various parts of the state.

The commission shall perform such other service in behalf of public libraries as it may consider for the best interests of the state.