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Email: Chapter 10, Article 2, Section 4

§10-2-4. Recreation department or board.

The governing body or bodies establishing such a system may conduct the same through a department or bureau of recreation, or may delegate the administration thereof to a recreation board created by it or in conjunction and cooperation with another governing body or bodies as hereinbefore provided, or to a school board or to any other appropriate existing board. If the governing body or bodies shall decide to delegate the administration to a recreation board, the board shall consist of not fewer than five nor more than nine persons which may include representation from the school board, and shall be appointed by the governing authority or an equal number appointed by each governing body where a system is established jointly by more than one governing body as hereinbefore provided, which members shall serve for a term of not less than three years nor more than five years, or until their successors are appointed, except that the members of such board first appointed shall be appointed for such terms that the terms of not more than two fifths of the members shall expire annually thereafter. Vacancies in such board occurring otherwise than by expiration of term shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments. Members of such board shall serve without pay. Said board shall organize, adopt, and promulgate rules and regulations for the conduct, administration and management of said program: Provided, however, That in the case of a joint recreation program sponsored by two or more governing bodies, said rules and regulations shall be made subject to the approval of the respective governing bodies.