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Email: Chapter 10, Article 2, Section 4A

§10-2-4a. Public corporation may be created; name; dissolution; powers; authority; annual accounting; debts prohibited; general powers; bonded officers or employees.

Subject to the provisions of this section, and subject further to the terms and conditions of any agreement mentioned in section three of this article insofar as such terms and conditions are not contrary to the provisions of this section, any park and recreation board created by a governing body or bodies pursuant to this article shall be a public body corporate by the name of "The ............... Park and Recreation Board" by which name it may sue or be sued, contract and be contracted with, take and hold title to any property other than real property and operate and manage programs under this article upon real property owned or leased by the governing body or bodies which create such board or by another public body corporate.

The board shall have a corporate seal and perpetual existence: Provided, That the board may be dissolved by the affirmative vote of at least sixty percent of the persons elected to the governing body or bodies and: Provided, however, That a governing body may withdraw from any board created by agreement of two or more governing bodies upon the affirmative vote of at least sixty percent of the persons elected to such governing body.

Such dissolution or withdrawal shall be effective only upon June thirtieth of any year and any action to dissolve or withdraw must be completed by city or county ordinance or Board of Education order not later than March thirty-first of such year. In the event of such dissolution or withdrawal the property of the board shall promptly be appraised by the assessor of the county in his reasonable discretion at current value and shall thereupon be apportioned among the parties in proportion to the contributions to the board after the effective date of this section from the General Funds of each governing body or by such other means as are agreed upon by all interested parties.

The board shall have the power and authority to adopt bylaws determining its name, providing for the selection and terms of its officers, personnel policy and otherwise governing the operation of the board, and the powers and duties of its officers, which bylaws shall not be effective until approved by resolution of every governing body or bodies.

The board shall have power and authority to receive any gift, federal grant, other grant, donation or bequest and to receive income and other funds, whether in cash or check, whether appropriated by governing body or bodies to the board or derived from programs under the direction and control of the board, to deposit, invest, manage and disburse, all such funds, income or receipts, including interest or income earned thereon or therefrom, to obtain one or more insurance policies affording coverage to it, to the public and to the governing bodies for loss of or damage to the property and facilities and programs under its control and affording public and employee liability coverage for the board and the governing body or bodies, their officers, agents and employees as the need therefor may arise.

The board shall annually at a time convenient to each governing body report to such body upon all receipts and disbursements of the board, the scope and location of its activities and such other information as such governing body may by resolution request and shall at the same time present a proposed budget showing projected receipts and disbursements, describing the programs and their anticipated costs and giving such other information as any governing body shall by resolution request, which annual report shall be a public record.

Any governing body or bodies are hereby authorized to contribute funds to any board, to appropriate matching funds for a federal grant or other grant to such board and to join with such board in executing any necessary application or contract for such federal grant or other grant and to give such assurances and commitments as may be necessary or convenient thereto: Provided further, That under no circumstances whatever shall any action under this section of a governing body or the board give rise to or create any indebtedness on the part of the governing body or board, except that the governing body or bodies may separately or by joint agreement enter into such revenue bond financing agreements as have heretofore been lawful.

The board shall have power and authority to do any and all things necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the purposes and provisions of this section and shall furnish the governing body or bodies a blanket surety bond covering those individuals authorized by the board to sign checks in its behalf, in a penal sum of not less than $25,000.