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Email: Chapter 10, Article 2A, Section 6

§10-2A-6. Resolution for construction, etc., of establishment; notice and hearing.

Before any board shall construct, acquire, improve, extend or equip any athletic establishment under this article, the board shall adopt a resolution which shall (a) set forth a brief general description of the athletic establishment, and if the same is to be constructed a reference to the preliminary report or plans and specifications which shall theretofore have been prepared; (b) set forth the estimated cost thereof; (c) order the construction, acquisition, extension, improvement or equipment of such establishment; (d) direct that revenue bonds of the county board of education be issued pursuant to this article; in such amount as may be found necessary to pay the costs of such athletic establishment; and (e) contain such other provisions as may be necessary or proper in the premises. Before such resolution shall become effective it, together with the following described notice, shall be published as a Class II legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code, and the publication area for such publication shall be the county in which such Board of Education is located. The notice shall specify a time and place for a public hearing, the time being not less than ten days after the first publication of said notice; at which time and place all parties and interests may appear before the board, and may be heard as to whether or not said resolution shall be put into effect. At such hearing all objections and suggestions shall be heard and the board shall take such action as it shall deem proper in the premises: Provided, however, That if at such hearing a written protest is filed by thirty percent or more of the owners of real estate situate in said county, then the board of Education shall not take further action unless four fifths of the members of said board assent thereto: And provided further, That in case written protest is filed purporting to have been signed by or on behalf of thirty percent or more of the owners of real estate in said county, the board shall have authority to appoint a subcommittee to consist of one proponent, one opponent and the third to be selected by these two, to determine whether or not thirty percent of the property owners have in fact protested, and said subcommittee shall report its findings to the board.