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§10-5-2. West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority; members; organization; officers; employees; meetings; expenses.

(a) The West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority is continued as a public benefit corporation. The Authority shall consist of eleven voting members, who shall be residents of the state, including:

(1) The Governor or designee;

(2) The State Superintendent of Schools;

(3) One member of the West Virginia Board of Education to be selected by it annually;

(4) One member of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission to be selected by it annually; and

(5) Seven members appointed by the Governor by and with the advice and consent of the Senate for overlapping terms of seven years, one term expiring each year.

(b) Not less than one appointive member shall come from each congressional district. Any vacancy among the appointed members shall be filled by the Governor by appointment for the unexpired term.

(c) Employees of noncommercial broadcasting stations in West Virginia are not eligible for appointment to the Authority.

(d) The authority shall annually select a member to serve as the chair. The authority shall annually select one of its public members as vice chair and shall appoint a secretary who need not be a member of the Authority and who shall keep records of its proceedings.

(e) The authority shall appoint the executive director and fix his or her salary. The executive director is responsible for managing and administering the daily functions of the authority and for performing all other functions necessary to the effective operation of the authority. The authority is authorized to establish offices for the proper performance of its duties.

(f) The authority shall hold at least one annual meeting. The time and place of the meetings shall be established upon its own resolution or at the call of the chairperson of the authority. The members shall serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of their duties in a manner consistent with the guidelines of the Travel Management Office of the Department of Administration.