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Email: Chapter 11, Article 14C, Section 10


§11-14C-10. Persons required to be licensed.

(a) A person shall obtain the appropriate license or licenses issued by the commissioner before conducting the activities of:

(1) A supplier which includes a refiner;

(2) A permissive supplier;

(3) An importer;

(4) An exporter;

(5) A terminal operator;

(6) A blender;

(7) A motor fuel transporter;

(8) A distributor;

(9) A producer/manufacturer;

(10) An alternative-fuel bulk end user;

(11) A provider of alternative fuel; or

(12) A retailer of alternative fuel.

(b) A person who is engaged in more than one activity for which a license is required shall have a separate license for each activity, except as otherwise determined by the commissioner.