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Email: Chapter 11, Article 15A, Section 2

§11-15A-2. Imposition of tax; six percent tax rate; inclusion of services as taxable; transition rules; allocation of tax and transfers.

(a) An excise tax is hereby levied and imposed on the use in this state of tangible personal property, custom software or taxable services, to be collected and paid as provided in this article or article fifteen-b of this chapter, at the rate of six percent of the purchase price of the property or taxable services, except as otherwise provided in this article.

(b) Calculation of tax on fractional parts of a dollar. -– The tax computation under subsection (a) of this section shall be carried to the third decimal place and the tax rounded up to the next whole cent whenever the third decimal place is greater than four and rounded down to the lower whole cent whenever the third decimal place is four or less. The vendor may elect to compute the tax due on a transaction on a per item basis or on an invoice basis provided the method used is consistently used during the reporting period.

(c) "Taxable services," for the purposes of this article, means services of the nature that are subject to the tax imposed by article fifteen of this chapter. In this article, wherever the words "tangible personal property" or "property" appear, the same shall include the words "or taxable services," where the context so requires.

(d) Use tax is hereby imposed upon every person using tangible personal property, custom software or taxable service within this state. That person's liability is not extinguished until the tax has been paid. A receipt with the tax separately stated thereon issued by a retailer engaged in business in this state, or by a foreign retailer who is authorized by the Tax Commissioner to collect the tax imposed by this article, relieves the purchaser from further liability for the tax to which the receipt refers.

(e) Purchases of tangible personal property or taxable services made for the government of the United States or any of its agencies by ultimate consumers is subject to the tax imposed by this section. Industrial materials and equipment owned by the federal government within the State of West Virginia of a character not ordinarily readily obtainable within the state, is not subject to use tax when sold, if the industrial materials and equipment would not be subject to use taxes if sold outside of the state for use in West Virginia.

(f) This article does not apply to purchases made by counties or municipal corporations.