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Email: Chapter 11, Article 16, Section 12

§11-16-12. When bond not required; bond of a Class A retail dealer; action on bond of retail dealer upon revocation of license; duty of prosecuting attorney.

(a) There shall be no bond for a brewer, resident brewer, distributor, Class S brewpub license, as the license privilege itself secures the payment of taxes and is subject to suspension and revocation for failure to pay said taxes.

(b) Each Class A retail dealer, in addition to furnishing the information required by this article, shall furnish, as prerequisite to obtaining a license, a bond with some solvent surety company as surety, to be approved by the commissioner, payable to the State of West Virginia, in the amount not less than $500 nor more than $1,000 within the discretion of the commissioner. All such bonds shall be conditioned for the faithful observance of the provisions of this article, the rules, regulations and orders promulgated pursuant thereto and of any other laws of the State of West Virginia generally relating to the distribution, sale and dispensing of nonintoxicating beer and shall be forfeited to the state in the full amount of said bond upon the revocation of the license of any such retail dealer. Such money received by the state shall be credited to the State Fund, General Revenue.

(c) Upon the revocation of the license of any Class A retail dealer by the commissioner or by any court of competent jurisdiction, the commissioner or the clerk of said court shall notify the prosecuting attorney of the county wherein such retail dealer’s place of business is located, or the prosecuting attorney of the county wherein the licensee resides, of such revocation, and, upon receipt of said notice, it shall be the duty of such prosecuting attorney forthwith to institute appropriate proceedings for the collection of the full amount of said bond. Upon request of such prosecuting attorney, the commissioner shall deliver the bond to him. Willful refusal without just cause therefor by the prosecuting attorney to perform said duty hereby imposed shall subject him or her to removal from office by the circuit court of the county for which said prosecuting attorney was elected upon proper proceedings and proof in the manner provided by law.