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Email: Chapter 11, Article 1A, Section 11

§11-1A-11. Valuation of certain classes or species of property; reserve coal properties; oil producing properties; gas producing properties; timberland; active mining mineral interest; commercial real property and industrial land; commercial and industrial furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment; intangible personal property; public utility property; vehicles, watercraft and aircraft.

On or before September 1, 1983, the Tax Commissioner shall propose a legislative rule for submission to the Legislature pursuant to the provisions of article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, which rule shall describe in detail the methods whereby the Tax Commissioner will determine the market value, during the first statewide reappraisal, of the following property:

(1) Active and reserve coal properties;

(2) Oil producing properties;

(3) Gas producing properties;

(4) Timberland;

(5) Active mining mineral interests including limestone, fireclay, dolomite, sandstone and other actively mined minerals;

(6) Commercial real property and industrial land;

(7) Commercial and industrial furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment;

(8) Intangible personal property, including stock, accounts receivable and stocks in banks and capital of savings and loan associations;

(9) Public utility property; and

(10) Vehicles, watercraft and aircraft.