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Email: Chapter 11A, Article 3, Section 30

§11A-3-30. Title acquired by individual purchaser; action to quiet title.

(a) Whenever the purchaser of any tax lien on any real estate sold at a tax sale, his or her heirs or assigns has obtained a deed for the real estate from the State Auditor or from a commissioner appointed to make the deed, he or she or they shall acquire all right, title and interest, in and to the real estate, as was, at the time of the execution and delivery of the deed, vested in or held by any person who was entitled to redeem, unless that person is one who, being required by law to have his or her interest separately assessed and taxed, has done so and has paid all the taxes due on the real estate, or unless the rights of that person are expressly saved by the provisions of section six of this article or section two, three, four or six, article four of this chapter.

(b) The tax deed shall be conclusive evidence of the acquisition of title. The title acquired shall relate back to July 1 of the year in which the taxes, for nonpayment of which the tax lien on the real estate was sold, were assessed.

(c) Any individual purchaser to whom a tax deed has been issued may institute and prosecute actions to quiet title in any real estate conveyed by the tax deed. The action may be maintained for all or any one or more of the lots or tracts conveyed.