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Email: Chapter 11A, Article 3, Section 71

§11A-3-71. Deeds of deputy commissioner conveying coal, oil, gas, timber and other natural resources.

In any deed by the deputy commissioner in which said commissioner conveys or has heretofore conveyed coal, oil, gas, timber or any natural resources, as certified to him by the Auditor of the state to be sold for the benefit of the school fund or as otherwise provided in this article, it shall not be necessary to recite the mining, drilling, cutting or other rights and privileges appurtenant to the same, which were a part of the deed of severance of said natural resources from the surface or other estate; and in cases where any such deeds may have heretofore been made and the rights and privileges were not recited in such deeds, the rights and privileges are hereby declared to have attached and passed by such deeds and all such conveyances are hereby ratified and confirmed.