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Email: Chapter 11B, Article 2, Section 2

§11B-2-2. General powers and duties of secretary as director of budget.

The secretary of revenue, under the immediate supervision of the Governor, shall have the power and duty to:

(1) Exercise general supervision of, and make rules and regulations for, the government of this division;

(2) Administer the budget in accordance with this article;

(3) Serve the Governor in the consideration of requests for appropriations and the preparation of the budget document;

(4) Make investigations and submit reports as the Governor requires;

(5) Make a continuous study of state expenditures and eligibility for federal matching dollars and make recommendations to the Governor for the more economical use of state funds as he or she shall find practicable;

(6) Render assistance to spending officers with respect to the fiscal affairs of spending units; and

(7) Exercise other powers as are vested in the secretary by this article, or which may be appropriate to the discharge of the secretary's duties under this article.